Active projects

Ce ai schimba in Romania?

Intr-un sondaj anterior, 25,1% din respondenti au raspuns mentalitatea, 14,1% au raspuns ca ar schimba oamenii in timp ce 6,7% au spus ca ar schimba tot. ( Mentalitatea sau oamenii se schimba in anuite conditii, influentate de anumiti factori, si evident se pot schimba si in rau, nu neaparat in bine.

   Propunerea pe care v-o lansam este de a veni cu solutii concrete la unele din problemele care ne inconjoara, cu care ne confruntam in fiecare zi. Cum am putea rezolva inconvenientele din viata de zi cu zi, fie ca ele sunt legate de bunul simt al celor din jurul nostru, de eficientizarea unor sisteme publice sau de incompetenta sau ineficienta unor angajati care ne cauzeaza nervi, pierdere de timp sau alte probleme.
   Ne-am format un simt critic foarte acut si criticam tot in jurul nostru, de la politica monetara la deciziile antrenorului nationalei, de la legile de circulatie la birocratia din administratia publica. Ce ne propunem prin acest proiect este sa canalizam spiritul critic intr-un sens constructiv, sa gasim solutii reale care se pot aplica pentru a rezolva macar cateva din problemele cu care ne intalnim zilnic. Singurul mod in care putem schimba “mentalitatea” si putem schimba “oamenii” este sa dam dovada de spirit civic, sa incercam sa ne rezolvam problemele, sa facem o schimbare. In timp, amplificat la nivel de mase, acest mod de a gandi va produce acea imbunatatire a oamenilor, acea mentalitate “sanatoasa” pe care toti ne-o dorim.

Transparenta in administratia locala

   One of the biggest problems in Romania is corruption. It can be found in all domains, in all social classes, in all environments, from police to hospitals and from EU founding programs to local public administrations. According to Transparency International report ( 28% of Romanians reported paying a bribe and 83% percentage of people feel their government's efforts to fight corruption are ineffective. Despite the fact that both the President and the Prime Minister admitted that corruption is one Romania's biggest issues, the results in the fight against it are poor and a great percent of public money are drained to certain firms that repay the officials for their "kindness" of attributing overstated projects.
   Many NGOs developed projects in this domain trying to convince the authorities into taking some serious action in order to fight corruption, but almost any effort ended up by being another study that shows that Romania is corrupt.
   Our project aims to implement an effective process of public money control in order to establish a full 100% transparency in public administration institutes. It's a step necessary in the process of eliminating corruption and should have enough impact to create waves of shock and inspire more and more effective projects in this domain.
   The purpose of our project "Transparency in Local Public Administration" is to ensure a full transparency of all money-related activities for a target group of 5 of the biggest city-halls in Romania. After that is achieved, we shall extend this system to all public administration and with the mass-media help, other NGOs and some lobby, implement it on a large scale.
   The project aims to research on how to achieve a full transparency in all public activities, of all the founds that are spent and all the work that it's done with public money. We then want to develop a software for a table-kind program in which all of this data should be included and made public instantly on an online platform, constantly updated to day. After we shall succeed in a few city halls, we will create a system which may be applied in all the city halls in Romania and present it in all mass-media, with indications on how to make it work.